Touring Diary – Japan, March 2012

In amongst the chaos of being on the road in Japan recently I managed to roll the camera a little and give you a look behind the scenes of some of the Blue Note venues, the bullet train (shinkasen), and some live performance footage that is exclusive to

Be sure to check out the follow up video to this that will be released soon… it deals with how to prioritize aspects of necessity when the schedule is tight between tours.

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Learning music for a tour

This is a video I shot the night before going on the road with legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker. I go over some of the songs in the set and break down how I work on new material to prepare for a tour or a concert, including a look at some of the charts I’m reading. I also explain each of the sections on the tune as I’m working on them, and show you all the things I have difficulty with, and more importantly how I overcome those issues and internalize the music.

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