Lessons from the road – Rancho Mirage

Hello gang! This week I’m coming to you from the dry heat of the California desert out in Rancho Mirage. I got some down time to practice in the hotel room and shoot this video for you taking a look at a bunch of different things. This video includes looking at how a change in climate effects your playing (such as a the super dry air of the desert where I am right now) and also about how to create melodic ideas using a simple minor pentatonic scale.

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Moogerfooger Ring Modulator Settings

I hope you had a chance to check out the video I posted a few weeks back live from Japan using a moogerfooger ring modulator

Well this is an in-depth look at the settings I use for mine, and some ideas for using ring modulation in general no matter which model of pedal you happen to have. There are a few much cheaper options if you don’t want to spring for the moogerfooger version of this pedal, and I often use the Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer which produces some really cool sounds. Either way, enjoy the funky sounds ring modulation can give you, and thanks for waiting for the follow up video and to more gear videos in general!

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How does a delay pedal work? Part 1

Well how does a delay pedal work? If you know me at all then you might know that I know very little about gear. I was recently in Denmark at the TC Electronic headquarters and got the chance to sit down with my good friend Uffe and shoot some videos specifically about how certain common pedals work. He’s a master of all this technical, and I got the chance to ask him not just about the TC gear that I play, but about how simple concepts apply to all delay pedals for instance not just the TC one I use.

I learnt a ton while I was there, and I hope you get something out of this series of gear videos. Here’s the first one and it’s all about how a delay pedal works, and how you can set yours up no matter what the brand.

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Juan Alderete trying out a new pedal

I was hanging with Juan a couple of days ago shooting some footage for his new site www.pedalsandeffects.com and thought I’d share this little behind the scenes clip.

When I was in the studio last month cutting my new record, John Davis, the engineer and owner of the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn where we were tracking, gave me a prototype pedal that had been laid on him by this cat in Florida. I’ll of course find out who that is, and try and get some more examples of his stuff, because as you can hear it’s some pretty wild sounding gear! But anyway, I showed it to Juan and this is the video that ensued….

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Pedal Board Part – 2

Part two of the in-depth pedal board set up videos, and in this video I show you the final routing for this particular setup, and how all the pedals work in sequence together. Plus a look at a couple of new pedals that had just arrived from TC Electronics the day before I shot this video.

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