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Chords and Reharm week 6 of 12

Inner moving parts are an essential aspect of becoming more fluent with chords and reharmonization. So this week we’re taking a look at some of the things you can do with the 5th of a chord to create more interest in your voicings and reharms.

Chords and Reharm week 5 of 12

Just as I thought adding more melody notes to reharmonize would be the way forward for this week’s lesson, I realized there was so much to be done with just one! So here’s “G”, in all it’s glory to be reharmonized from the fourth chromatically down to the root again.

Chords and Reharm week 4 of 12

We’re getting into the reharm portion of the coursed and the concept of reharm couldn’t be simpler. Take a melody note, and then stuff some other notes underneath it to create harmony. Okay, so that’s the most basic form of it I guess, but for the next three weeks we’re looking at a ton of […]

Chords and Reharm week 1 of 12

We’re off and running with our brand new course on chords and rearm. We get things started with inversions of triads on three different chords – Cmin, Fmin, and G7. This is perfect preparation for next week’s lesson where we’ll be voicing a standard from start to finish with these concepts to increase your chordal […]

Standards week 12 of 12

It’s our last week of the standards course! DOH!!! there is just so much more material to cover, and I have a sneaky suspicion we’ll be back on this topic for another course in the not too distant future. I leave you with some more walking bass line ideas building upon last week’s lesson on […]

Bonus Video – Inside the composition process

As I’m gearing up to head to the studio to track my 5th album as a band leader, I’m doing a lot of writing and exploration in terms of what might work for the musicians I’m writing for. Here’s a look behind the scenes of that process as I work on a new composition.

Standards week 11 of 12

The blues! There are so many options when it comes to blues forms, and lots of jazz standards and jam session style material is based on the blues. John Lee Hooker would add bars where there hadn’t been bars the night before, and play many unconventional blues forms, but in this lesson we’re going to […]

Standards week 10 of 12

Intros and endings can really give a standard tune an edge, and in this weeks lesson we’re looking at ways to do just that. Some standard things you should know about the global language of playing jazz repertoire, and then some concepts to help you develop your own endings to almost any standard you’re planning […]

Standards week 9 of 12

This week I’m giving you guys some more exercises that will really help your variation when it comes to walking over jazz standard language. We’re looking at ii-v-i’s, contained this week in the standard “I love you”, and looking at how you can start trying to avoid the root when you’re walking. Not that you […]

Standards week 8 of 12

We’re looking at rhythm changes this week! there are almost endless amount of heads to play over rhythm changes, and I happen to be using the melody of Oleo as an example. And there are, of course, many options for substitutions in the changes. So here we go with a ton of material for playing […]

Standards week 7 of 12

We’re looking at tritone substitutions this week! Taking the standard There is no Great Love, I give you a ton of options for substitutions. And don’t forget these are not unique to this standard, you can apply these concepts to all standards. Don’t overdo it! But experiment and get a feel for how it all […]

Standards Course Bonus Video 2

Thanks to a question from one of our members – Harlen Lawrence – I’m putting up this bonus video for our 12 week standards course about walking bass lines and how to be more confident when you get out of position. It happens to us all and the better prepared you are for a note […]

Standards week 5 of 12

Giant steps – BOOM! There it is. It might sound like a daunting task if you’re not used to playing it, but with the few simple walking ideas we’ve been looking at over the past couple of weeks, you’re more than capable of playing this tune for hours now!

Standards week 4 of 12

It’s week 4!!! I say week 5 in the video by mistake and didn’t have time to reshoot… DOH! But here are some more ideas for walking over standard chord changes with practice routines and articulation ideas. We’re also taking a look at sound and tone production with walking, and substitutions to use over ii-v-i’s.

Standards week 3 of 12

Roots and fifths! That might sound like a pretty simple place to start, but it’s an essential aspect of walking bass lines when it comes to standards and jazz repertoire. We add in thirds as a second option in this video too, and really start to lay the foundation for you to be able to […]

Standards week 2 of 12

This week takes a look at the Standard “Out of Nowhere” by Johnny Green. I want to get into the habit of building exercises for your practice routine that take some of the most important aspects of the material you’re working on at any given time. With standard repertoire I’ve found it really useful to […]

Standards Course Bonus Video 1

Here’s some bonus footage of my working on our first standard of this course – Blue Bossa. I’m using the melody a lot, and looking for themes to develop over the form. Essentially I’m always looking to create a new melody with my improvisation that will hold up on it’s own as a new melody […]

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